Vitality Hackers 17 – Flow States with NLP Guru Jazz

Vitality Hackers 17 – Flow States with NLP Guru Jazz

In this episode the Vitality Hackers team up with NLP Guru Jazz and discuss what NLP is and how NLP works and also explore some techniques for getting the most out of you mindset.

00:30 Intro
1:10 Where is Dr Gentile?
1:35 How did Jazz become and NLP Guru?
3:40 Mirror Neurons
6:05 What about the L in NLP?
7:30 FACS Facial Action Coding System
11:10 Calibration skills, what are they? What are they for?
12:25 Congruency
14:30 The power of “What for?”
16:20 NLP how to do it at home?
18:50 Performance States
29:00 How to find a Practitioner
34:40 Outro

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Vitality Hackers 16 – Gluten Fad

In this episode cover the Gluten Free movement, is it the real deal of just a fad?

Vitality Hackers 16 – Gluten Fad
0:00 Intro
2:30 Do I have Celiac Disease?
4:25 Allergy, Intolerance of Disease?
8:55 Why Gluten is so hard to give up
11:30 Is it a marketing machine or the good for you?
15:45 What is Gluten?
18:00 Are small amounts of exposure ok?
24:30 Good old friends
26:20 How to break the addiction
28:50 What’s the deal with Oats?
30:30 Outro