VH26 – Preseason: Training Smart

In this episode, we give the latest on how to train smart during the preseason. Listen in for tips, tricks, and techniques that can enhance your training effectiveness.

Ben Greenfield – Beyond Training

Kelly Starrett – Becoming a Supple Leopard

Loren Cordain – Paleo Diet for Athletes


Vitality Hackers 25 – Effective Habit Change

The Vitality Hackers explain everything you need to know about habits, the power they have and how to change them.

0:00 Intro
2:26 A real life example
7:10 The Formula
11:09 Driving: A very common habit
12:30 The Habit/Reward cycle
14:45 How to Identify the Routine
22:25 How to Identify the Cue
24:50 Create the Plan
27:45 Trust yourself
32:00 What about Willpower?
35:20 In case you missed it
38:00 The Wisdom of Jabe
38:50 Outtro

The Power of Habit book by Charles Duhigg
Elevate Education

The formula for Changing Habit:
1. Identify the Routine
2. Identify the Que
3. Have a Plan
4. Cultivate a bigger “Why”