VH62: Being Fully Sick

In this episode Jabe and Nick share their personal hacks for dealing with the Cold and Flu season

0:00 Intro
1:30 Nick’s first step
2:25 Some animal collective nouns
5:30 The Importance of Hydration
12:30 Essential immune nutrients
17:00 The power of Essential oils
23:00 Some shocking news
24:30 What is a fever?
28:00 Outtro

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Jabe Brown
Nick Gentile
Hannah Pickford

Vitality Hackers 13 – Hacking Sick.


In this episode the Vitality Hackers cover all you need to know to beat those winter colds…in the fastest way possible!

Vitality Hackers 13 – Hacking Sick. 
00:30 Intro
2:40 Why do we get sick?
4:15 Body Awareness
5:15 Preventative Nutrition
7:10 3 Approaches to Immune Support
7:15 Fuel
9:05 Avoid Bad Foods
11:20 Vitamin C, Zinc
12:25 Wisdom of the Chinese
13:20 Kill the Pathogens
13:30 Garlic
16:40 Other antimicrobials
17:55 Essential Oils
20:00 Manuka
22:45 Fire up your Immune System
23:17 Echinacea
24:42 Jabe’s Magic Potion
26:00 Do herbs work?
27:38 Probiotics
29:40 Who to see?
31:00 The Positives of being Unwell
32:00 Outro