Vitality Hackers 25 – Effective Habit Change

The Vitality Hackers explain everything you need to know about habits, the power they have and how to change them.

0:00 Intro
2:26 A real life example
7:10 The Formula
11:09 Driving: A very common habit
12:30 The Habit/Reward cycle
14:45 How to Identify the Routine
22:25 How to Identify the Cue
24:50 Create the Plan
27:45 Trust yourself
32:00 What about Willpower?
35:20 In case you missed it
38:00 The Wisdom of Jabe
38:50 Outtro

The Power of Habit book by Charles Duhigg
Elevate Education

The formula for Changing Habit:
1. Identify the Routine
2. Identify the Que
3. Have a Plan
4. Cultivate a bigger “Why”