The Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle

The Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle.

There is a growing global trend within the area of anthropological nutrition, that focuses on the eating habits of early humans rather than studying the current physiology of modern man. This makes more sense, as you would agree that success leaves clues and humans have been incredibly successful at adaptation and survival up until this point. If success leaves clues then it makes NO SENSE to study the modern man, as westernised populations are the most chronically ill, infertile and physically disabled humans to walk the earth. There is no point in constantly measuring physiology or sequencing genes as they have remained constant for over 40 000 years, so what point does it serve to be looking at the blueprint, when it’s the change of building materials (food, exercise etc) that are causing the problem. Many people are fooled into believing that advances within medicine and technology have equalled improvements within health and vitality which is far from the reality that is facing modern man.

There are estimates that 80% of chronic illness and mortality is due to lifestyle choices (1) which would mean that we are actually choosing our demise through our day to day actions. There are two choices you can make with your food decisions… you can either eat something that is genetically congruent to your body or something that will damage your body. You can either sit on the couch, after you sat all day at work or you can exercise and get adjusted. You can smoke, take drugs (legal or illegal), you can drink alcohol, caffeine and soft drink.  These are all choices. Potentially deadly ones.

It would be ridiculous to presume that your lifestyle choices (food, exercise, thinking patterns) are NOT involved in disease, yet our guidelines in nutrition have remained the same despite the increasing illness rates. We know that westernised diets include nearly 70% of cereals, margarine, oils, refined sugars and dairy products (2) and we know 80% of us are slowly perishing with preventable disease… so perhaps it is time to part from the sickly and overweight herd.

MoooSo what can you do? It is time to change your diet back to a more “Paleo-lithic” style of eating, which consists mainly of lean meats, vegetables, fruits and a small amount of nuts. Look at your diet now…. Are you eating cereal or toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner? This means that you are actually just eating three different forms of grains!!! Grains are not considered nutrient dense, they are however calorie dense, which is not an ideal combination. Currently, western diets compose of 51.8% carbohydrate (grains)(2) and currently Australia is the fattest country on earth (3)… so it is definitely time to ditch the high calorie and low nutrient foods! Look up and for more information on how to change your diet for the better and make sure you get along to our nutrition workshops to learn more!!

Dr. Hannah.

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