Vitality Hackers 12 – Sports Nutrition.

In this episode The Vitality Hackers talk sports nutrition: what should you be eating, and what supplements to hack with…

Vitality Hackers 12 – Sports Nutrition. 
00:30 Intro
1:30 The Problem with Current Recommendations
6:00 Bulking Diets, do they work?
8:15 The timing of your Nutrition
9:15 Optimisation Strategies
11:45 What Protein is the Best?
17:40 Is there more to it?
18:20 How soon after exercise do I need to eat?
19:10 Mistakes at the Highest Level
21:30 Some other supplements to take
24:50 Glutamine
25:08 Jack3D
26:00 Tribulis
27:55 So what’s the recipe?
31:30 Outro

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