Vitality Hackers 06 – Leaky Gut.

In this episode the team talk about Leaky Gut, what is it, and how do you get it?

Vitality Hackers 06 – Leaky Gut.

Just a note, apologies for the sound quality on Dr Nick, we thought he was on Skype, but he may have been stuck in a tunnel.

0:00 Intro.
1:55 A journey through the digestive system.
4:15 What is the lymphatic system?
5:55 The mechanism of Leaky Gut.
9:12 The role of Stress.
12:18 Protein Pump Inhibitors.
13:09 The role of Bacteria.
15:28 What does Leaky Gut does.
18:50 What are the symptoms?
21:50 How to fix it.
25:00 How Pro-biotics work.
27:55 Fermented Resistant Starch: Not a thing?
28:55 Health Hack Homework Challenge.
31:30 Outro

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