Vitality Hackers 13 – Hacking Sick.


In this episode the Vitality Hackers cover all you need to know to beat those winter colds…in the fastest way possible!

Vitality Hackers 13 – Hacking Sick. 
00:30 Intro
2:40 Why do we get sick?
4:15 Body Awareness
5:15 Preventative Nutrition
7:10 3 Approaches to Immune Support
7:15 Fuel
9:05 Avoid Bad Foods
11:20 Vitamin C, Zinc
12:25 Wisdom of the Chinese
13:20 Kill the Pathogens
13:30 Garlic
16:40 Other antimicrobials
17:55 Essential Oils
20:00 Manuka
22:45 Fire up your Immune System
23:17 Echinacea
24:42 Jabe’s Magic Potion
26:00 Do herbs work?
27:38 Probiotics
29:40 Who to see?
31:00 The Positives of being Unwell
32:00 Outro


Vitality Hackers 12 – Sports Nutrition.

In this episode The Vitality Hackers talk sports nutrition: what should you be eating, and what supplements to hack with…

Vitality Hackers 12 – Sports Nutrition. 
00:30 Intro
1:30 The Problem with Current Recommendations
6:00 Bulking Diets, do they work?
8:15 The timing of your Nutrition
9:15 Optimisation Strategies
11:45 What Protein is the Best?
17:40 Is there more to it?
18:20 How soon after exercise do I need to eat?
19:10 Mistakes at the Highest Level
21:30 Some other supplements to take
24:50 Glutamine
25:08 Jack3D
26:00 Tribulis
27:55 So what’s the recipe?
31:30 Outro

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Ted Talk
Are Athletes getting Faster, Stronger, Better?
180 Nutrition

Vitality Hackers 11 – Acute Stress Management.

\In this episode, the vitality hackers talk through the process of acute stress, and how to deal with it.

Vitality Hackers 11 – Acute Stress Management
0:30 Intro
3:20 Being Mindful of Stress
4:00 Physical Manifestations of Stress
6:48 Some Symptoms of Stress
9:00 Why do we have these responses?
11:00 How to gain a wider context
16:30 The Benefits of Surviving Stress
17:30 Physical Support for Stress
20:13 Get Listed
23:00 What exercise is appropriate?
25:30 Foods to avoid
30:10 How to get down time
34:00 Some great Herbs
35:15 Outtro

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Vitality Hackers 10 – Hacks of Glory

In this episode The Vitality Hackers go through their favourite Hacks for their own health! Everything from Fermented foods to Treadmill Desks. The Hacks of Glory!

 Vitality Hackers 10 – Hacks of Glory

00:30 Intro
01:00 Hack #1 Drink only water
5:13 Hack #2 To Do Whiteboard
8:00 Hack #3 The Desk Treadmill
12:15 Hack #4 NLP Coach
16:08 Hack #5 Kick the Wheat habit
19:12 Hack #6 Magnesium
21:39 How to know if you’re Magnesium deficient
22:30 Hack #7 Always waking at the same time each day
25:20 Hack #8 Fermented Foods
29:00 Hack #9 Foam Rollers and Massage Balls
30:40 Hack #10 Cold Showers
35:15 Hack #11 Sprouts
38:30 Outtro

Massage Balls
Basic NLP Info
Jabes Treadmill Desk
The Automatic Sprouter

Vitality Hackers 09 – CrossFit

In this episode the Vitality Hackers discuss all things CrossFit, check in on a few challenges and even manage to get a book review done!

Vitality Hacker 09 – CrossFit

00:35 Intro

2:27 CrossFit Definition

6:00 What are compound exercises?

7:10 The Problems with CrossFit

10:00 CrossFit Schedule

12:49 10 Aspects of Fitness

13:42 Functional Movement

15:50 How much does CrossFit cost?

17:20 Am I fit enough for CrossFit?

22:10 Health Hack Homework Challenge

23:22 Homework Check-in

29:10 Book Review: Supple Leopard

31:44 Typical CrossFit Day

35:00 Why all the bad press?

36:00 Outro