Vitality Hackers 19 – Natal and Pre-Natal Care

In this Episode the Vitality Hackers cover Natal and Pre-natal tips to make sure your new baby comes into the World as healthy as possible.

0:00 Intro
2:40 Condition of the Parents
4:45 Why do we detox before trying to conceive?
6:55 What do men need to do?
11:05 Pre-pregnancy nutrition
12:30 Epigenetics
18:00 How does Chiropractic help?
21:50 So now you’re pregnant
26:00 Toxins in the Environment
29:50 Are supplements enough?
31:00 What about fish?
32:50 Are Probiotics important?
35:30 Foods to avoid during pregnancy
41:45 Outro

Vitality Hackers 18 – How to exercise smart. HIIT with Nick Hall

Vitality Hackers 18 – How to exercise smart. HIIT with Nick Hall

In this episode the Vitality Hackers talk with Personal trainer Nick hall about how to exercise smart. How can you get the best results in the least time? HIIT!

0:00 Intro
0:01 About Nick Hall and PT
0:05 Only 2 hours exercise needed weekly
0:06 Inefficient exercise
0:09 High Intensity Interval training (HIIT)
0:14 Jabe’s theory on weekly exercise requirements
0:16 Ultra fast twitch muscle fibres (the science of HIIT)
0:18 Way to HIIT
0:22 Eat smart
0:27 Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)
0:31 How cooking affects food
0:35 Breakfast options
0:38 Wrap and outtro


Nick Hall Body Transformations

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