VH43: Fermented Foods with Kale Brock

In this episode the Vitality Hackers chat with fermented food guru Kale Brock.
0:00 Intro
1:14 Kale Brock, is that his real name?
7:30 What are Fermented Foods
10:20 Our Fermented Favourites
16:00 The Problem Kombucha
19:48 What is the right amount?
23:30 A Gut Healing Program
31:20 The power of the Appendix
34:30 Why Mum’s Bacteria is so important
37:00 Outtro

Kale Brock Website
The Kale Brock Show

Vitality Hackers 10 – Hacks of Glory

In this episode The Vitality Hackers go through their favourite Hacks for their own health! Everything from Fermented foods to Treadmill Desks. The Hacks of Glory!

┬áVitality Hackers 10 – Hacks of Glory

00:30 Intro
01:00 Hack #1 Drink only water
5:13 Hack #2 To Do Whiteboard
8:00 Hack #3 The Desk Treadmill
12:15 Hack #4 NLP Coach
16:08 Hack #5 Kick the Wheat habit
19:12 Hack #6 Magnesium
21:39 How to know if you’re Magnesium deficient
22:30 Hack #7 Always waking at the same time each day
25:20 Hack #8 Fermented Foods
29:00 Hack #9 Foam Rollers and Massage Balls
30:40 Hack #10 Cold Showers
35:15 Hack #11 Sprouts
38:30 Outtro

Massage Balls
Basic NLP Info
Jabes Treadmill Desk
The Automatic Sprouter