Vitality Hackers 11 – Acute Stress Management.

\In this episode, the vitality hackers talk through the process of acute stress, and how to deal with it.

Vitality Hackers 11 – Acute Stress Management
0:30 Intro
3:20 Being Mindful of Stress
4:00 Physical Manifestations of Stress
6:48 Some Symptoms of Stress
9:00 Why do we have these responses?
11:00 How to gain a wider context
16:30 The Benefits of Surviving Stress
17:30 Physical Support for Stress
20:13 Get Listed
23:00 What exercise is appropriate?
25:30 Foods to avoid
30:10 How to get down time
34:00 Some great Herbs
35:15 Outtro

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