Who are the Vitality Hackers?

Resident NaturopathJabe Brown is a Naturopath who specialises in treating digestive conditions. He practices evidence and results based functional medicine and naturopathy:  the modern evolution of natural health care. When he isn’t engaged with this podcast, or in his South Melbourne clinic, he is probably reading research papers on his treadmill desk.

Dr. Hannah Pickford

Dr Hannah is a former All-Australian Basketball player, a chiropractor, a martial artist and is completing a Masters in Human Nutrition. When she isn’t seeing patients, kicking bags or lifting weights, you’ll find Hannah researching the current medical literature and reading up on all things vitality. Dr Hannah knows that humans are built to thrive, which is why she is constantly looking for improved ways in which to maximise health and performance.


Doctor Nick!

Hi everybody, I’m Dr. Nick!

I have a burning desire to impart my health knowledge. Click the link above to find out more!