Dr. Hannah Pickford

Hello friends! So this a little intro about me and why I am so pumped about all things health and vitality!

Hannah the basketballer

I have grown up in a health-focused family, my father has run a successful clinic for over 30 years, my granddad a pharmacist and even my sister studied herbal naturopathy. I was an All-Australian basketball player (hence the giant-ism) representing my country in the Youth Olympics and going on to secure several division 1 sport scholarships to the United States. Despite all these achievements I have had several health challenges, suffering chronic fatigue all through my late teens, severe acne and hypothyroidism in my mid twenties. These problems continued, despite following the nutritional advice of the Australian Institute of Sport (they just told me to eat more carbs! Face palm*) until I finally, through countless years and practitioners, I found out why I hadn’t found success….  And the reason was because I wasn’t approaching my health holistically. I was trying to detach my body into non-communicating parts, like a broken machine, treating each system as being separate from the next.

I was always thinking about my food (I went vegan, vego, paleo), but never about my thoughts. I was always thinking about what drug or treatment could help me, and never about whether or not my lifestyle choices were actually congruent to achieving optimal health. I realised that I had never approached my health from all the angles that were necessary in order to achieve the vitality that I was so desperately after!

As Dr. James Chestnut would say, ‘you need to eat well, think well and move well in order to be healthy’. These innate requirements must be met nutritionally through appropriate diet, neurologically through appropriate movement and emotionally through adequate stress management and healthy thought processes.

Failure to acquire these innate and fundamental necessities will result in dysfunction, which will result in the body being forced to physiologically adapt to the environment that you have placed yourself in. The symptoms resulting from these adaptations are often termed ‘pathology.’

In my clinic I strive to teach my patients that their health is by choice, not by chance. I have made it my purpose to be a lifelong learner and I endeavour to share my journey and my knowledge to all that take the time to listen… as every person deserves the opportunity to achieve true wellness, and enduring happiness.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback (…even the trolls! You know you’ve made it when you’ve got trolls) and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the blogs and the podcast,

Until then Big, Giant hugs,


Dr Hannah Pickford
Bachelor of Health Science
Masters Clinical Chiropractic
Under construction…. Masters in Human Nutrition