Dr. Nick Gentile

Dr. Nick Gentile

Dr Nick Gentile,

Hello Vitality Hackers!
So I guess it’s time for a little about who I am and why I have a burning desire to spread health information around the World. My passion for health and health information was ignited during my first year of tertiary study while I was listening to a lecture about Australia’s Medicare system. The lecturer was comparing the amount that Australia was spending on Medicare to the markers for the health of the Australian population as a whole. What shocked me was the fact that the more we spent on Medicare and “Health care” the worse the statistical markers for Health were getting.

What has become clear to me since is that we were, and for the most of us still are, basing our health and health care decisions on a incorrect philosophy of health and healing. That’s right, the way that the majority of people in our society think about how to get healthy and remain healthy is wrong.

Health is inherently simple, in fact, every process that your body goes through is in some way an attempt to for it to become more healthy. In order to maintain health, all you need to do is fulfil your body’s needs and reduce the stress and toxins that you expose your body to. So what does that mean? If you eat a healthy genetically congruent diet, if you get an adequate amount of genetically congruent exercise, if you develop a healthy way to deal with the mental stressors of everyday life and you have a fully and optimally functioning nervous system health will be yours.

Now of course there’s little more to it than this, but that’s why we’re here, The Vitality Hackers has been created to give you the information you need to make the best health decisions you can, and help us to spread this information to the masses.

Look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Dr Nick