Jabe Brown

Jabe Brown – Functional Medicine Naturopath
Digestive Condition Specialist

Jabe Brown

Hello everyone, my name is Jabe, and I am an information addict. I have been living with this affliction, and hoarding knowledge, for as long as I can remember. I have two degrees, an advanced diploma, and am currently studying a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I’m an addict, and I love it!

If there is one thing I love more than learning about health, it is talking about it. By nature I am curious and philosophical; I like to throw ideas around, smash them against each other, and see what sticks. Vitality Hackers: a platform on which to talk about all things new in the world of health; a chance to coalesce ideas into practicable actions.

As a clinician, I drill down to the core of an issue, and empower the patient to resolve it from the bottom up. This, actually, is pretty much how I think health management should be: address symptoms directly where you can, but always find out the why, and change it in the most foundational way.

When it comes to nutrition, I want the best hacks I can find. I want to do nutrition in the most efficient way possible. Translated into practical terms, this means I supplement, and have all sorts of weird health habits that you’ll find out all about in due course. Stay tuned…

You want to be happy? Get healthy! Optimal health comes only with a solid foundation, which means getting the fundamentals right. This is where you should focus your attention; cultivating a collection of maintainable healthy habits, that work, for you.


BHSc(Nat)., BComm., ND.